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Wordstruck launched Febuary 18 at the WEN Author Showcase. This marks my first time being published. The book features myself and 25 other writers. It is a 170-page, softcover book. It is available for $15 (Canadian currency). If you would like to order a copy, it can be purchased from

The writers in this collection are:
Helen BacokaWordStruck Cover
Gail Balfour
Carole Barrett
Melanie Christensen
Minerva Cook
Nancy Donnaperna
Frances Frommer
Paul Gyori
Robert Jones
Jack Livesley
Deb Loughead
Barb MacDonald
Corinne Cast McCorkle
Claire Moran
Barb Nobel
Marianne L. Pelletier
Livia Privato-Fuchs
Isobel Raven
Astrid Rutsatz
Brigitte Sargent
John M. Sargent
Justin Snaith
Joan Strathdee
Caroleen Whiteley
Paul Valliere
Gerda Voss

My own contribution is three poems and a short story from my early days called, "Alpha's Awakening." In the future I plan on making the sequel, 'Renada's Flight', available on the internet.

Bonus Poem

I think I have written, maybe, six poems in my life. Three of which are in WordStruck. This is another of my poems. It's very dark. I wrote it one day when I was completely exhausted and had just been through a few bad experiences. I first read this one day in Jack's group after I had run to class, to prevent being late. Being out of breath when I read it helped my performance. (so if you can, do a couple of laps before reading it out loud.)


Living without Breathing

I sink beneath the waves.
Air slips from my lungs.
I choke.
Vice drags me down.
The last rays of hope are fading,
becoming lost in the depths.
I realize I'm not going to breathe again.
Too far to breathe,
I sink into the abyss,
beyond light and sound.
Weary oblivion fogs my mind.
To sleep and rest,
until the end of time.
Until my tiredness is washed away.
To sleep and dream,
of things other than those that torture my soul,
and drown me in sorrow.
Lost in the void,
I try to swim,
and have forgotten which way is up.
Cold wet darkness fills my lungs.


What's Current

Right now I am working on a novel called, 'Miludi's Star." The book is about a young boy named Miludi as he grows into adulthood. Miludi must decide between his love of flying and a life in the military during a time of war, ethnic genocide, political and social turmoil. The stories underlying message is very current and timely.

Legacy of Heroes

For anyone who remembers 'Legacy of Heroes', the book is not gone. I was writing it as the first of a trilogy of books. I put the book on hold because I figured that, for a first time author, it would be much easier to get a stand alone book published, rather than trying to get the publisher to commit to all three.

I am continuing to develop the book, and a synopsis of the first book, as well as a sample chapter and some of the art work, will be posted on the website.