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Filming Eelavan

Justin filming Eelavan My current project, "Eelavan", has been delayed due to the political situation in Sri Lanka. My role on the project is producer, technician, and visual effects supervisor. We are still in production but we don't plan on releasing it until the situation changes in a few months. We will be releasing updates for those who are interested in the meantime.

To see the teaser for the film you can go to


Student Films

My student films from Ryerson got me nominated for two student film awards. Cutting copies of the films will be available for viewing shortly. Most of these are silent films. I plan on cleaning these films up a bit in 'After Effects' and re-releasing them. Unfortunately, two minutes of 'Memories' is still missing. Maybe someday when I have a little extra money I can re-capture the footage from the 16mm film and edit the missing sequence back in.

For more on my film work and my company you can check out my company website The site is under construction right now, but there will be much more detailed information about Eelavan and my other film projects available there.